Personalized Tool Theme Name Puzzle Stool 

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Price: $54.95

Maximum 10 letters, no spaces or punctuation

Whittle Kids

Personalized Tool Theme Name Puzzle Stool  - Black - Whittle Kids Gifts - Kids Step Stools  Christmas orders CLOSED 11/23/14.

Parents and Grandparents love the Handcrafted, High Quality of our wooden Puzzle Name Stools.  Toddlers love to play with the removable puzzle pieces, which teach them how to spell their name and enhance fine motor skills such as washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and hanging up their clothes.  

Along with the letters of their name, your little one will love playing with the wooden hammer, saw, and drill, just like dad's!  Each shape is individually cut out, smoothed, and painted with non-toxic paints.  The puzzle name stool makes a treasured keepsake gift for the new baby or toddler celebrating a first birthday.  For your own child, the kids step stool will enhance any bedroom or nursery furniture and is great for sitting and reading or stepping up to help mom and dad!

*Please note:  Only one name can be submitted for this item.  If two names are listed, only the first one will be made;  no exceptions. (example: Kaiden Scott will be Kaiden). 

**This item cannot be rushed as each stool is custom made and requires adequate time for paints to dry, prior to shipping.  Processing on this item is three weeks.

  • Black finish.
  • Maximum 10 letters. 
  • No spaces, no punctuation.
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for customization.
  • Assembly - Legs need to be screwed in.
  • Dimensions - 14" x 9.5" x 8.5"
  • Weight - 7 lbs.

*This item only ships to the US.


Hanukkah Delivery - must be clearly marked for Hanukkah and received by 5:00 p.m. set on November 16th to be guaranteed.

All orders received by 5:00 p.m. set on November 29th will be guaranteed for Christmas Delivery.
On December 1st, in order to maximize production times, guaranteed orders will be filled by orders that are the furthest away from us, working down to the closest to us. Beginning with the West Coast, working across to the East Coast and down to Florida. We have not missed a holiday deadline yet, by using this method in previous years.