Custom Personalized Cooler Sleeves

custom personalized can and bottle koozies

Personalized Beer Bottle, Can & Wine Glass Cooler Sleeves

At Luna belle Boutique, we specialize in Boutique quality, custom personalized Can, Bottle, Wine Glass & Plastic Cup Coolers, sometimes called Coolers, Huggers, Can and/or bottle wraps, etc. Our personalized wedding Coolers are perfect for the Bride and Groom, and our Wedding party Coolers are fun and great gifts to give your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen at your bachelorette and bachelor parties.  Our personalized can or bottle Cooler will add that special touch of fun to any occasion!  You are the designer;  add a name, some feathers, and a touch of Bling and your party has now gone wild!  Need a gift in a hurry and don't want to spend a lot, we have whimsical ready-made Wedding, Birthday, and Special Occasion Coolers, all set to ship.   Our Coolers are collapsible, easy to store, and  hand-washable in warm water and can be used over and over!

We offer the following Cooler/Coolers to make your next function a huge success:

  • Bride and Groom Coolers
  • Bachelorette and Groomsmen Wedding party Coolers            bride & groom wedding koozies
  • Custom Feather Coolers                  
  • Swarovski crystal, BLING Coolers
  • Monogrammed Coolers
  • Can Coolers
  • Long neck Bottle Coolers With Zippers
  • Water bottle Coolers
  • Wine Glass and Wine Bottle Coolers and Woozies
  • Coffee or plastic cup Cooler wraps

We offer a quantity discount on five (5) or more can or bottle cooler/coolers, which makes then the perfect choice for bridesmaids, groomsmen, parties, sports teams, etc.

M245 Reef Weekender Bag

Reef Can & Bottle Drink Sleeve Cooler - Op...

M245 Aztec Drink Sleeve Cooler

Aztec Can & Bottle Drink Sleeve Cooler - O...

M245 Mint Ikat Drink Sleeve Cooler

Mint Ikat Can & Bottle Drink Sleeve Cooler...

Rhinestone Initial Can and Bottle Cozie

Personalized Rhinestone Initial Drink Slee...

$11.99   $9.99
polka dot ribbon can cozies

Monogrammed Polka Dot Ribbon Cooler

stacked name and initial koozies

Monogrammed Stacked Name and Initial Coole...

custom personalized longneck bottle cozies.

Personalized Longneck Beer Bottle Cooler

personalized custom longneck bottle koozies

Personalized Longneck Beer Bottle Cooler N...

Monogram only koozies

Personalized Custom Can Koozie-Monogrammed...


Personalized Water Bottle Sleeve Polka Dot...

Beach can or bottle koozies

Personalized Beach Can or Bottle Drink Sle...


Personalized Christmas Holiday Can Cooler ...


Personalized Christmas Can Coolers - Prema...

Bridesmaid, Bachelorette party koozies

Personalized Bachelorette Party Coolers

Personalized Wedding Can Koozies

Personalized Bride and Groom Wedding Coolers

Bling Can and Bottle Cozie

Personalized Bling Can or Bottle Coolers

personalized bachelorette wedding cozies

Personalized Bridesmaid Wedding Coolers

personalized giraffe, zebra, or damask koozies

Personalized Giraffe, Zebra, or Damask Cus...

Marabou feather koozie upgrade

Feather Upgrade for Custom Coolers


Personalized Printed Ribbon Koozies-Custom...


Personalized Halloween Can Coolers-Beer Co...


Personalized Metal Bottle Coolies

Personalized Coffee Cup Sleeves, Wrap

Personalized Coffee Cup Sleeve Wrap

personalized plastic solo cup koozies

Personalized Plastic Solo Cup Koozies

personalized Custom Wine Glass Woozie Koozie

Personalized Wine Glass Woozies

Bride and Groom Wedding Can Koozies Ready to Ship

Bride and Groom Wedding Cooler Sets-Ready ...

Ready to ship Beer Can Koozie

BEER Logo Can Cooler-Ready to Ship


IT'S BEER:30 Can Cooler-Ready to Ship

Birthday Boy Custom Can Koozie

Birthday Boy Can Cooler Cooler-Ready to Ship

Daddy's Drink Mossy Oak Can Koozie

Daddy's Drink Can Cooler-Ready to Ship






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