Baptism Keepsakes

Personalized Baptism keepsakes for baby, Godmother or Godfather will be treasured for years to come.  Shop our selection of personalized photo frames, Christening onesie, Baptism Day bib, Crosses, and other personalized Religious gift ideas.

Acrylic Baptism Christening Blanket embossed cross

White Acrylic Baptism Christening Blanket ...

Satin Baptism Christening Blanket embossed Baby design

Satin Baptism Christening Blanket & Hanky ...

White Cotton Baptism Christening Bib

White Cotton Bib with Cross - Christening ...

Girly White Cotton Baptism Christening Bib

White Cotton Girly Bib with Cross - Baptis...

Girly White Cotton bib with lace

White Lace Girls Bib Baptism, Christening ...

Girly White Silk Laced bib with lace

Antique White Silk Laced Bib Baptism, Chri...

Antique White Silk bib

Antique White Silk Bib

Baptism Christening Towel

Embroidered Baptism Christening Towel

Baptism Christening Towel

Baptism Christening Towel with Embroidered...


Personalized Boy's Bedroom Prayer Cross


Personalized Godmother's Baptism Christeni...


My First Personalized Catholic Rosary Case


Baptism Christening Gift-Baby Boy Cross


Christening Gift or Baptism Gift for Baby ...

Silver plated baby cup

Engraved Silver Plated Baby Cup


Personalized Girl's Bedroom Prayer Cross


Personalized Praying Girl Wooden Cross - B...


Personalized Praying Boy Wooden Cross






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