Rock On Hands Free Infant Seat Rocker

Rock On Battery Operated Infant Car Seat RockerRock On!  Newly released at the 2010 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas;  just in time for Christmas!  Every mom has dreamed of a hands free way to console her baby while riding in the car, waiting in the Doctor's office, or any other place where you would take your baby seat/car seat.  Now you can turn any almost any infant seat/carseat into a soothing rocker.  Rock On is a small  platform that is easy to use. Take it with you anywhere you go.  Just place the infant car seat carrier (with the baby inside) on top of the platform, attach the safety straps, and press the “On” switch. Rock On gently provides a hands-free rocking motion which will help to keep baby content & soothed.  Runs on 4 D batteries with a life of 300 hours of rocking power.






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